Ten, an epigraph of sorts

Have we lost our will to be amazed—
taking pride in standing so unfazed?

We are walking in the city
with one eye closed
accepting images as animals.
No depth perception
Shimmering shadows
satisfy sunken souls
rejecting that age old urge
to seek the source.
Feel the awe of unfettered wonder
step out of experience and see the essence
life lessons created by the sun and the mind.
Understanding the connection between man and kind
Deny the existence of an end to time.

Minds light up like
pinball glow
and ring bells that
awaken tomorrow.
Attempt to dissolve
clouds obscuring thought
deconstructing syntax
re-imagining context
re-constituting plot
to glass-room beach house clarity,

A table to write…
Rather, a cot
to dream.





Featured photo, a painting by Chelsey Dill.