Memories of the Day

Between words I Breathed
Eyes avoiding sun gleams
Your smile.

Remember the day—the elevator?

Laughter descending
Caused my Heart to rise
As the day does the Sun.
Your smile warmed as
The touch of God’s.
A genuine Miracle shook
A skeptic who yearned to Sin again.

You elated
I dizzy
A clever Drug coursing
—ominous Power.
Cruel Magic,
Stole my words while
Inspiring Speech.

 Fates tempted to touch
Delicate powdered surface
Concealing secrets that siphon
Will, Youth, and guts.
Churning human feelings to smut.

 Two sides I fear
Owner and Bondsman.
The nature of Shadow.

 Your Breath inflates my chest
A balloon Rising
Staring to the Sun
Fearing the Gap
Between ground and feet
Sun and we
I glanced back to see
A priest in purple
Far below the street.

 Beneath Language
These words wept
Awaiting the Chance
To ingest fragrance—
Finally to gaze
Upon a genuine, joyous, Smile.

 I am here.
To laugh or Sigh
Either or both would be as sweet.
but I do not fool myself
to think I have Cooled
The feeling endures
Though tamed by Time
Returned to Earth
Stated in Rhyme
bored are the Moments
of vacuous Speech.

Remember that first Joy
His Soul still a boy.
A choice:
rush a new Thought
or pause, a dull fool.
Mind blank
Enigmatic Bliss
The too-soft space
Of Kiss.

 To press tender lips
Where poisons Seem to drip
And Live – perhaps, die.
A miracle not so cruel,
Or slow,
As heaven.



                                               Inspiration      Breath

                                         Demonstration      High

                                                Elevation       Sun

                                                      Rising       Gap

                                                  Sunspots      Language

                                                      Breath      Chance

                                                     Heart      Smile

                                                        Sun       Sigh

                                                        God      Cool

                                                    Miracle    Tact

                                                     Heart     View

                                                        Sin      Time

                                                    Delight      Earth

                                                     Drug      Rhyme

                                                     Power      Moments

                                                     Magic      Speech

                                                    Speech      Joy

                                                         Girl     Thought

                                                     Secret      Bliss

                                                     Youth      Kiss

                                                     Two      Seemed

                                              Bondsman      Live